Kukaan ei katso sinua silmiin / Nobody Meets Your Eyes (2022)


Fiction, 65 min, Aalto-university & Fossi Films

A quiet observation of people who are only visible through cameras, their need to be seen and the loneliness that connects us all.

All around us, there lives a group of “invisibles”, people who are only perceivable via a camera. We meet two of them: Tuomas is a single parent to his daughter, who is the only person in the world seeing him normally; Ninni is a young woman in an emerging online relationship, meeting her crush for the first time “in real life”. In combination with these parallel stories, the film uses street footage and testimonies from other “invisibles” to reflect on questions of loneliness, visibility and perception. Our world is exposed as one where the prosaic and the poetic, the factual and the imaginary, live together. – Director Jesse Jalonen

International premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022

Tuomas: Arttu Timlin
Ninni: Ida-Maria Olva
Oona: Kimiya Eskandari
Axel: Jonas Rothlaender
Anni: Somaye Pajuhi

Director, writer, cinematographer: Jesse Jalonen
Editor: Sanna Liinamaa
Production designer: Jenni Nylander
Sound designer: Samuli Ala-Lahti
Costume designer: Mirva Mietala
Producer: Ella Ruohonen
Assistant director: Hannu-Pekka Peltomaa
Dramaturg: Ossi Hakala
VFX: Riku Leino